[logstash.outputs.kafka ] Sending batch to Kafka failed

hi everyone,
i am using logstash to sink data from one kafka topic A to another kafka topic B;

whenever A produced data,B will receive it immediately;

everything works fine,but i keep getting this message in the log file:
**[2019-12-24T18:34:14,778][INFO ][logstash.outputs.kafka ] Sending batch to Kafka failed. Will retry after a delay. {:batch_size=>1, :failures=>1, :sleep=>0.01}**

what dose this log message suggest?

Any idea will be appreciated!

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When the output gets an exception, it logs a warning before adding the event to the array that needs to be retried. What is that warning?

Hi Badger,

i did't notice the warning,i will check if it exists,thanks a lot

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