Logstash pattern or dsl query

I have following kind of logs:

DEBUG 20161219T172835.101-05:00 59 Client start
DEBUG 20161219T172835.101-05:00 59 Client v=1
DEBUG 20161219T172835.101-05:00 59 Client v=2
DEBUG 20161219T172835.461-05:00 59 Client end
INFO 20161219T172835.461-05:00 - Initializing v
INFO 20161219T172835.461-05:00 - v initialized
DEBUG 20161219T172734.179-05:00 30 Client start
DEBUG 20161219T172734.179-05:00 30 Client v=4
DEBUG 20161219T172734.179-05:00 30 Client v=5
DEBUG 20161219T172734.539-05:00 30 Client end

Now i want to capture all the events occurred between keywords "start" & "end" . Could anyone suggest how write configuration for logstash or any DSL query to achieve this...

What do you have so far?

I have indexed log file into following fields: loglevel ,timestamp,client ,value

Now i want only those events that are present between consecutive start & end keywords(value field)!!!!

Right now i could find some information related to logstash aggregate-plugin that might be of help, please help if it could be done...

Right, but what do you have, what config?
I don't want to come across rude, but we aren't going to write if for you. We're more than happy to help you adapt what you have though :slight_smile:

If you want to discard start/end lines, you can simply use something like :

if [message] =~ "start|end" {

If you want that log lines "v=INT" are aggregated into only one document, then you have to use aggregate filter.
And if so, what is the final expected document ?

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