Logstash plc4x Input Plugin output to Elastic not Working

Iam Using the apache plc4x logstash plugin, as far as i see in logstash debug output my job will be polled and the opc ua namespaces seems to be right for my plc.

I dont get a Index into Elasticsearch, OPC UA Server is running, I can query nodes with any ua browser.

here my config:

input {
        plc4x {

                sources => {
                        plc1 => "opcua:tcp://br-automation.ksnav.local:4840"
                jobs => {
                        job1 => {
                                rate => 50
                                sources => ["plc1"]
                                queries =>  {
                                        DriveCmd => "ns=6;s=::AsGlobalPV:IF_Stacker.Read.DriveCmd"
                                        CargoPosA => "ns=6;s=::AsGlobalPV:IF_Stacker.Read.CargoPosition.Pos_A"


output {

  elasticsearch {
    hosts =>["localhost"]
    index => "plc4x"

  stdout { codec => rubydebug }

if i change the opc query string to something invalid, i get exeptions in the debug output.

May can anyone help me? :wink:


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