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I need help troubleshooting an error I'm getting trying to index documents to App Search using the logstash output plugin elastic_app_search.

LogStash::ConfigurationError: Failed to connect to App Search. Error making http request

I'm assuming I'm mistaken in my plugin params for either the api_key or more likely the host

Currently config for the output looks like this:

elastic_app_search {
        engine => "test"
        document_id => "%{${DOC_ID}}"
        api_key => "${APP_API_KEY}"
        host => "${APP_HOST}"

I'm getting my APP_API_KEY and APP_HOST from the App Search Credentials page.

I'm using the API Endpoint as the host and the private-key with read/write permissions as the api_key. Is this correct?

My configuration runs fine when sending output to elasticsearch and stdout. It also comes back as 'OK' when I run --config.test_and_exit

Thanks in advance! Joel.

I'm going to move this one to the app search category :slight_smile:

Hi @Joel_Crawford :wave:

Your setup looks correct. I'm unsure if the document_id interpolation of DOC_ID works, but it sounds like your error is related to the HTTP connection itself.

Are you using App Search on swiftype.com, Elastic Cloud or as self-managed? If you're on Elastic Cloud or self-managed you should be able to see some logs.

Hey, thanks.

I'm on Elastic Cloud. Sending a get request to: /api/as/v1/engines/<engine_name>/logs/api
I get a listing of logs but I can't find any result with a status that isn't 200.

How might I use the endpoint to specify that I'm looking for results specific to indexing and not search? Or specify a filter of status != 200... I see there's a query param and a filter/status but there's not much documentation: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/app-search/current/api-logs.html

Or is there another way to get the logs? Or are there other logs?

Thanks! Joel.

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