Logstash plugin installation


I am trying to install logstash-plugins in centos 7 by using following command
/bin>./logstash-plugin install logstash-input-mongodb

But it gives error as following

Could not find any executable java binary. Please install java in your PATH or set JAVA_HOME.

I already set JAVA_HOME
How can i resolve it?

Show ur enviroment

env |grep JAVA_HOME
env |grep PATH

Follow this tutorial for installing Java 8 centos and set JAVA_HOME and PATH. Everything is GOOD !

I follow this and set java home as follow

[BDG@bdg-hdp-three /]$ env |grep JAVA_HOME
[BDG@bdg-hdp-three /]$ env |grep PATH

still it gives same error

I resolve the issue by installing new java version and after that I set JAVA_HOME.
I got output

Thanks for help

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