Logstash Plugin is not visible even after Successful installation

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While installing plugin using logstash-plugin its says successful
logstash/bin# ./logstash-plugin install logstash-filter-naxsi-0.9.2.gem Validating logstash-filter-naxsi-0.9.2.gem Installing logstash-filter-naxsi Installation successful

But the list doesn't show the plugin listed:
logstash/bin# ./logstash-plugin list | grep naxsi

While I'm trying to use the filter plugin its says:
`logstash/bin# logstash -f /opt/logstash/logstash.conf
Sending Logstash's logs to /var/log/logstash which is now configured via log4j2.properties
06:48:44.243 [LogStash::Runner] ERROR logstash.agent - fetched an invalid config {:config=>"input {\n kafka {\n bootstrap_servers => "kafka_dc2:9095"\n topics => ["naxsi_log"]\n }\n}\n\nfilter {\n naxsi {}\n}\n\noutput {\n elasticsearch {\n hosts => ["elasticsearch:9200"]\n }\n stdout { codec => rubydebug }\n}\n\n", :reason=>"Couldn't find any filter plugin named 'naxsi'. Are you sure this is correct? Trying to load the naxsi filter plugin resulted in this error: LoadError"}```

logstash/bin# logstash -V logstash 5.0.2

(Mark Walkom) #2

I'd be surprised if it is compatible with 5.0 based on the lack of activity at https://github.com/nextgxdx/logstash-filter-naxsi

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