Logstash Plugin

Hello friends,
Is this possible to write a Logstash plugin for fetching data in Javascript just as we can do with Java ?

No it is not, you can write a Logstash plugin in ruby or java.

Hi @leandrojmp, Thanks for your response
I want to fetch some metrics data from the Vrops(VMware) api that includes following steps -

  1. Make a post request to get the authentication token with login credentials
  2. Use that authentication token with a GET request to get the the metrics data of various VMs

Is this possible to achieve with Logstash, and If yes than how can I achieve this ?

It is not possible, the logstash has a http_poller plugin, but this plugin needs to be configured with the authentication token, it cannot make a request to get the authentication token.

How about to use Filebeat/EA and ingestion?

Okay got it !
Is there any work around to achieve this with logstash ?

Can you please elaborate a little ?

Check here and here.

Also, there is a workaround. Might be useful.

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