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System is Ubuntu
Logstash version 7.17

The current idea is to collect logs (via syslog-514Port) from different servers or network devices
Logstash will then send the log cut to Elasticsearch
I have successfully received logs and sent them to Elasticsearch

But I want to use conf to separate devices from different sources
For example, DHCP log will create a DHCP.conf which is the name of his Log representation and output index

I tried forwarding with ufw first
Convert 2 different source host 514 ports to specific ports
then separate conf
Also successfully delivered to Elasticsearch to build 2 indexes
But the content is not separated

Is there any other way to solve it?
Because the sources are different devices. Therefore, the log segmentation method is also different.

AFAIK you cannot have multiple configuration on the same port. When you set a port number LS will run an instance with a listener on that port.

a) One single.conf with few IFs which will handle cases of different sources. Always in a message there in a unique field to distinguish the source. Input must be the same, output will be again with IFs.
b) Multiple ports for every source, for instance 514-DHCP, 515-firewall,...

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