Logstash: Reading a file inside filter/input/output

I am uploading data from a CSV file and here is Use case.
for a column, user can enter description, and I want to group the records in several categories based on description
for that I want to add one more column/field into elastic search. As no of fields to validate can vary, I have a csv file to validate it.
So is it possible to read a file inside filter/input/output. Other solution will also be fine.

So it's a dynamic CSV file?

Yes, the file against which, is to be validated may change.
Hence I need to either read the file in filter or I want to make a REST call which will accept description and will return required category.

Logstash currently isn't that dynamic, so I don't believe you will be able to use it for this.

Would you like to suggest a solution for this?

Thanks for your time.

No idea, sorry.

Have a look at the translate filter