Logstash Redis and pattern_channel question

I'm in the middle of shipping our logs from beats to a Redis queue using pattern_channel. I've read that the metadata is not not available through the Redis input. Currently our logs ship directly from beats to logstash. So in our output, indexes were created via "index => "%{[@metadata][beat]}-%{+YYYY.MM}"" which doesn't work using Redis. I see that when I PSUBSCRIBE in Redis that the index information "filebeat-test-server1" and "filebeat-test-server2" are in Redis.

Example of data stream:

  1. "pmessage"

  2. "filebeat*"

  3. "filebeat-test-server1"

  4. "{"@timestamp":"2016-08-26T21:05:46.639Z","beat":{"hostname":"

  5. "pmessage"

  6. "filebeat*"

  7. "filebeat-test-server2"

  8. "{"@timestamp":"2016-08-26T21:05:46.639Z","beat":{"hostname":\

My question is, how to I retrieve that information? I'm looking to get that info and add it as a new field then using that new field to create the index in ES.

Found a simple solution by just adding a field in prospectors and using that to create the index.