Logstash redis input plugin how to add pattern_channel to message

Hey Guys,

We have logstash using redis input plugin, and use pattner_channel to match multiple channels, how to get the info to the either event or message.

I see people post same question and use add_field, but those example with static key, not dynamic, just want to know if this is supported.

for example:

input {
redis {
host => ""
type => "redis-input"
data_type => "pattern_channel"
key => "logstash*"
format => "json_event"

and we have following matched pattern, how to add that to the message or event ?

  1. "logstash-nodelog-2014.03.07.17"
  2. "logstash-javalog-2014.03.07.15"
  3. "logstash-applog-2014.03.07.14"
  4. "logstash-catalina-2014.03.08.23"
  5. "logstash-applog-2014.03.08.23"
  6. "logstash-catalina-2014.03.07.15"
  7. "logstash-nodelog-2014.03.07.14"
  8. "logstash-javalog-2014.03.07.14"
  9. "logstash-nodelog-2014.03.08.23"
  10. "logstash-applog-2014.03.07.15"
  11. "logstash-javalog-2014.03.08.23"

Anyone knows this ?

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