Logstash - REGEX to change a field


I'm receiving snmptraps from an equipement with a sequence ID at the end. The sequence ID increase at every new trap. This is normaly considered as a new field and after a while the max of field is reached and I can't store no more logs

So in my mind, I need to add a filter with a REXGEX code to delete the end of OID (the sequence ID ). Can you let me know how to do that ?

The REGEX should be .[^.]*$


If you want to change field names using a regexp then you have to use ruby. You could try something like this (not tested):

ruby {
    code => '
        event.to_hash { |k, v|
            if k =~ /1\.1\.1/ # I'm sure you can do better than this
                newK = k.sub(/.[^.]+$/)
                event.set(newK, v)

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