Logstash - Report line Number on error

Becoming increasingly frustrated using Logstash for the simple need of a line number when there is an error occurs when reading the configuration. The move from 1.6 to 2.0 has been anything but painless.

Error meanings are almost on the level of Microsoft. Something happened, but you got to pull everything apart to find out what happened. Also experiencing the error below which is extremely useful.

retrying failed action with response code: 429 {:level=>:warn}

429 is a response code from ES, so you can check your logs there as well.

However what other problems are you having?

The ES logs show nothing.

The main issue is when there is a error in the configuration, to put in the line number on which the configuration failed, so you don't have to try and guess were the problem occurred.

It should do that?

It should do but it doesn't.

I am running 2.0.0;

Error: Expected one of \", ", any character at line 81, column 1 (byte 2412) after output {
    #stdout {
    #    codec => "rubydebug"

    elasticsearch {
         index => "public_toilets"
         manage_template => "false"
    stdout {
       codec => "dots

You may be interested in the '--configtest' flag which you can
use to validate logstash's configuration before you choose
to restart a running system.

That is interesting, didn't get that on my version of 2.0.0 Will have to undo the changes I made and repost.

Please do, it'd be interesting to see why you don't get that.