Logstash ruby filter in separate script throws : undefined local variable or method `new_event_block' for #<LogStash::Filt ers::Ruby::Script::ExecutionContext


I am migrating my inline ruby script to an external ruby script file.

First I create an new event with : service_trace_event = LogStash::Event.new
After filling the fields like : service_trace_event.set("id",result_set.getString(1).to_i) ,
I do the following call: new_event_block.call(service_trace_event)

But then I get the following error:
undefined local variable or method `new_event_block' for #<LogStash::Filt

What am I doing wrong?

Regards Hans

If you want to create new events in an external ruby script file you can use LogStash::Event.new, but then just put them in an array and return them from the script's filter function.

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