Logstash run once from command line

Hey guys,
I want to write a simple application that would help me debug my Logstash configurations.
I find it pretty annoying to modify configuration files in my server and restarting the Logstash service each time I want to see how my changes affect the output.
The best I came with is to run the logstash.bat with custom configuration file and make each configuration to output to a log file but this is still annoying because I need to restart it each time I make changes and it takes some time to load.
This is OK but still not good enough, the best case would be to be able to run Logstash as a standalone tool like that -
logstash_stand_alone.exe [config_file] [input_log_file] [output_log_file]
Any ideas?
Thanks ahead :slight_smile:

Does the --config.reload.automatic command line option help?

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