Logstash runs as service but stops sending logs over http after some time


I am running Logstash 5 as a service on Redhat machine. Logstash status says, it's running but after some time it stops completely sending logs over http(to another Logstash). I don't see any errors in Logs(Level:Debug). But if I restart Logstash, it works fine and again after some time the problem repeats. Not sure if it's related to HTTP Plugin or Logstash.

Can someone help solve this issue?


These kind of can be difficult to troubleshoot. The only way to really troubleshoot is to grab a few Java thread dumps (jstack -F , or kill -3 and find the output in stdout, which may be journalctl or the like) and examine them for what might be stalling.

It sounds like you are doing Logstash -> Logstash with HTTP, perhaps you should try Lumberjack output -> Beats Input instead ? If it is HTTP related, this change should fix it. (Beats/Lumberjack is a TCP protocol)

Hi Jake,

I see the Logstash is stopped now. I checked the logs but there are no logs which say "Logstash is stopped due to....". Without any proper reason it is stopped.

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