Logstash S3 input plugin configuration read files from multiple directories

Hi All,

We have requirement which is little bit different to write configuration logstash.

Below are the files and location details


The input config has to read txt files from all environment directories and needs to insert in to respective indexes. Below is the one i wrote but still not clear

input {
s3 { type => "logs"
bucket => "s3bucket"
prefix => [ "logs/dev/", "logs/prod/" ]
interval => 20
access_key_id => "XXXXXXXXX"
secret_access_key => "XXXXXXXXXXXX"

As per logstash docs for s3 input prefix is not supported for regex operations but is there any other s3 input plugin available which will accept regex operations

like path => for file input

Here main agenda is read files from multiple directories with in s3 bucket and insert docs into respective index

Please provide suggestions to develop this input configuration


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