Logstash s3 input plugin failed to work with subdirectories

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I'm observing an couple of difficulties, until trying to grab the data from s3, if they stored on that way:


the question is: is the provided option from s3 input logstash plugin are enough to match the following path, or it's impossible currently to work suggested schema?

my config is:

s3 {
access_key_id => "..."
bucket => "trailbucketname"
region => "us-west-1"
secret_access_key => "..."
prefix => "usw1///////*/"
stdout {
codec => rubydebug

, and verbosity does not show any visible error:

[2018-01-26T15:52:52,048][INFO ][logstash.inputs.s3 ] Registering s3 input {:bucket=>"trailbucketname", :region=>"us-west-1"}

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