Logstash - Saving Soap/Rest Request


I am very new to elastic search and logstash so need guidance.
  1. We are having different environment e.g dev1, dev2, test, For each environment there is log4 log file which contains soap/rest request.

  2. I am able to parse those file using GROK pattern and able to save in ES.

  3. Our Soap/REST and request/response is having one of the filed called transaction id

    e.g message": [
    remaining another 40 elements. ...

my search query should be "environment=? and transactionId=?"

How can I achieve this ?


Use the xml filter to parse the message and extract the transaction id into a field of its own. To get the environment name into each event, use add_field in the input declaration:

input {
  file {
    path => "/some/path/dev1.log"
    add_field => {
      "environment" => "dev1"

Thanks magnusbaeck for your reply.