Logstash: Sent formatted metrics to an Elasticsearch index

I am able to capture some metrics in stdout from events in logstash using the relevant plugin as follows:

in my filter file:

  if "somekeyword" in [tags] {
    metrics {
      meter => "events_somekeyword"
      flush_interval => 60
      add_tag => "metric_somekeyword"

in my outputs file

if "metric_somekeyword" in [tags] {
        stdout {
          codec => line {
            format => "Time: %{+YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss Z} | Metric: rate 1m | Client: SomeKeyword | Rate: %{[events_somekeyword][rate_1m]}"

My question is how to translate the exact same operation / formatting in terms of elasticsearch output so that the results are appropriately indexed in my elasticsearch instance.

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