Logstash server label shipped with logs

Hi Everyone,

i have 2+ logstash servers in cluster and i would like to have some tag/flag/whatever which to tell me from which logstash server exactly the message was shipped. I have cases in which one of the logstash servers is not working properly and not sending any messages and i would like to have a tag/label/flag some custom message in the logs so I can understand from which server is coming.

thank you!

If you have the hostname in an environment variable you could use

mutate { add_field => { "someField" => "${HOST}" } }
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For env. variables:
Linux: mutate { add_field => { "ls-env" => "${HOSTNAME}" } }
Windows: mutate { add_field => { "ls-env" => "${COMPUTERNAME}" } }

If you have Logstash 8+, it's included in ECS v8, you should get it by default. Check in Ruby debug, you should see, something like this.

"@timestamp" => 2022-11-22T02:16:34.832529600Z,
"host" => {
"name" => "somehost"

mutate { add_field => { "ls-host" => "%{[host][name]}" } }

On older LS versions, you can get by ruby:

ruby { 
 code => "event.set('ls-host', Socket.gethostname)" 

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