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Is there anyway to get debug information when starting a logstash service through

sudo systemctl start logstash

My listener isn't starting and so my service runs without the listener- I want to try and get the information needed to sort the issue out.

It runs fine and loads the listener perfectly from the command line.

Any tips anyone?



The issue appears to be a combination of things:

  1. The build of CentOS 7 I have been given has noexec on /tmp which was an issue that stopped command line execution of logstash.
  2. The permissions around /etc/logstash and /etc/logstash.conf.d

These were set to root only, which might be fine for others but for me was a bad do.

I executed the following command:

setfacl -Rm d:u:logstash:rwX,u:logstash:rwX /etc/logstash

Which set rw on the directory and conf.d

Before when I was running Verbose from the command line I was getting a warning that the service could not find logstash.yml but it would start using a default.
When starting from SystemCtl the service would start but not listen

So after the line above I rebooted and made sure the logstash service was running and did a netstat -ntl

And to my delight discovered that logstash was now listening on port 5000 as hoped and that the listener persisted.

So at the moment this is a solved issue. I hope this helps someone else

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