Logstash set log rotate time

I have installed logstash-5.2.0 on centos 7.2, the config show as below, now the new log web_%{+YYYY-MM-dd}.log generated at 8:00 am everyday, but i want to set the log rotate time at 00:00:00 everyday, i can't find logstash logrotate config under /etc/logrotate.d/. How can i set the log rotate time?

input {
beats {
port => 5044

output {
if [type] == "web" {
file {
path => "/data/logs/web_%{+YYYY-MM-dd}.log"
codec => line { format => "%{message}"}

%{+YYYY-MM-dd} expands the timestamp found in the @timetamp field, which is UTC. This is not configurable.

Got it, Thanks for your reply.

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