Logstash-SNMP Trap: doesnt read yamlmibdir when it run as service

Hello, i am sorry before i am a newbie here...
i have stuck at this things, i have a problem that my logstash doesnt read snmptrap input for external yaml mib directory when its run as a service (systemctl start logstash). but when it run using ./bin/logstash -f /etc/logstash/conf.d/pipline1.conf that mib is work.

Here is my logstash input config

Here what i got from systemctl status logstash

why i want to run it as a service is for as a background service offcourse, and start with multiple pipeline with same smnptrap and different port.

Please show me the way, thank you ^^

Solved, i am stupid, its only access permission file of mib directory that i created in there, change it with chown logstash:logstash, so logstash service can access it

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