Logstash, split field and remove field


working on my logstash conf file.

I have a remove field like this:

remove_field => ["[data][tasks][data]"]

And then i have a split field like this:

split {field => "[data][tasks]"}

But when i see it in Discover, the Data.tasks.Data is there again.

It seems like i'm not removing it on the correct event.

I noticed that if i have the split first, it works, but i want the data to be removed immediatly, so that the data i am working on after, is clean, and the split doesn't have to handle that much data.


Field names are case sensitive. data.tasks.data and Data.tasks.Data are different fields.

Also, if [data][tasks] is an array then that remove_field will not do anything. You need to include the array index in it, or else do something like this.

It is lowercase all the way so no problem. That is not the problem. How do i include array index, that can actually vary?

Then use ruby, like the code I linked to.

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