Logstash SSL certificate

Hi all,

I am looking for a recommendation for my current situation. In our network, Ip's change pretty frequently when machines reboot. Before going forward, yes I'd love to set the IP statically to our Logstash server, but can't. Some of our networks also do not have a internal DNS server. When creating the Cert, I can choose to either place the IP address of the logstash server or the hostname of the server(granted the network has a internal DNS). You can see the problem with the IP address approach. It might change and then all the certs given out would be invalid to the logstash server. The DNS option is obviously the better one but some of the networks don't have it. Is there anyway to get around this weird situation? I know, its much easier to add a A record in the DNS but we aren't in control over most of the networks. Sorry for this unusual situation, and if the best solution is "Add a A record and use DNS", I will have to stick with that.


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