Logstash starts then stops after enabling tcp output config

I am trying to send logs to an address listening on a tcp port, but when I add the lines to an output config and restart the logstash service logstash will start for a minute and then fail. There are no errors anywhere and the service stays running it is just seized up. The syntax is correct as far as I know. My config is copied below. I'm running on version 7.10

output {
  if (( [deviceVendor] == "devvendor" and [destinationNtDomain] == "TEST") or "TEST.com" in [message]  or "TEST.COM" in [message] ) {
    file {
      path => "/var/log/logstash/test/test.log"
      codec => dots
    tcp {
        host => "IP address Removed"
        port => 1470
        codec => json_lines

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