Logstash stop working priodicly!

hi guys. my logstash stopped working several times as you can see in the picture.
I have 15 pipelines on one docker logstash node
can anyone guess what happened?

No. What do the logstash logs say? Is the logstash process restarting or some of the pipelines?

In the log file pipelines work fine and there isn't any ERROR.
my container is stable and doesn't restart or down.

As you can see all pipelines stop working together. @Badger

Without any logs from Logstash is not possible to know what is the issue, you need to provide some logs to give more context.

Has the container being restarted? Please check for any logs from the logstash container at those times.

grep for 'Pipelines running' in the logstash log, tell us what you get. Pick a pipeline that stops working, grep for its name in the logstash log and tell us what you get for that. Show us the configuration for that one pipeline.

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