Logstash takes more space than allocated for persistance queue

My logstash configuration just takes inputs from filebeat and sends to a http server using http output pluging. To learn about behaviour of persistance queues, I just started filebeat and logstash but not http server. So logstash fill store some events in persistance queue and block filebeat to control backpreisure. I have allocated size of persistance queue as 2mb and made 1mb as page size. This is my logstash.yml file.

pipeline.batch.size: 5
pipeline.batch.delay: 500
path.queue: /home/nishan/Documents/data_files
queue.type: persisted
path.config: "/home/nishan/Documents/logstash-config/to_spring_server.conf"
queue.page_capacity: 1mb
queue.max_bytes: 2mb

When I examine the data files created by logstash (which is persistance queue data), It looks like this,
According to this, logstash took 3mb for persistance queue. But I allocated only 2mb. What could be the reason for this?

I use logstash and filebeat version 6.7

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