Logstash throwing error: Failed to publish events caused by: write tcp IP:PORT

I am using filebeat on port 5064 to send logs with Index Pattern "dev-logs-arangodb-*" from arangodb logs to logstash and then kibana.

Filebeat is able to fetch the updates of logs, but not able to send them to logstash. However, Kibana is able to detect the Index Pattern of these logs so am able to create an Index Pattern of "dev-logs-arangodb-*"

The following error is showing on filebeat on each new log sync:

filebeat[24139]: 2019-10-01T06:56:55.614Z#011ERROR#011logstash/async.go:256#011Failed to publish events caused by: write tcp 10.15.128.X:35840->10.15.127.X:5064: write: connection reset by peer

It worked fine after installing another version of logstash.. ANNOYING!

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