Logstash @timestamp not including milliseconds

All of my logs have this format "@timestamp" => 2023-07-04T15:40:19.000Z where the milliseconds are missing, is there any way to make it included the milliseconds.

I tried manually adding it but it is read only.

My conf looks like this:

input {
   syslog {
      port => 5014
      timezone => "America/New_York"

filter {

output {
   elasticsearch {
      action => "index"
      hosts => ["localhost:9200"]
      user => "elastic"
      password => "changeme"
      index => ["oursyslogs"]
   stdout {
      codec => rubydebug

Any help would be appreciated

A syslog input parses the timestamp in the syslog message, and syslog timestamps do not include sub-second precision, so you will never have milliseconds.

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Ah it is a problem with the syslog sending server and not the receiving one running logstash. Thank you!

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