Logstash to Elasticsearch Bulk Request , SSL peer shut down incorrectly- Manticore::ClientProtocolException logstash

ES version - 2.3.5 , Logstash - 2.4

'Attempted to send bulk request to Elasticsearch, configured at ["xxxx.com:9200"] , An error occurred and it failed! Are you sure you can reach elasticsearch from this machine using the configuration provided ? "SSL peer shut down incorrectly", Manticore::ClientProtocolException logstash"'

My logstash Output section:

stdout { codec => rubydebug }
stdout { codec => json }
user => "xxxx"
password => "xxx"
index => "wrike_jan"
document_type => "data"
hosts => ["xxxx.com:9200"]
ssl => true
ssl_certificate_verification => false
truststore => "elasticsearch-2.3.5/config/truststore.jks"
truststore_password => "83dfcdddxxxxx"
Logstash file is executed , but it is failing to send the data to ES. Installed search-guard security plugin to ElasticSearch

Could you please suggest, thank you.

Sounds like a problem in relation to the searchguard plugin, it'd be worth asking the author about it :slight_smile:

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In the above case, i am sending data to https but my ES is using http. So, be particular about http or https in the url .

The permissions allotted to the indices are also imp.

Later, upgrade of logstash version solved to send data to ES.

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