Logstash truncate messages with more than 30 kb

Hi all
Im sending messages from filebeat to logstash, but the messages are more longers than 30 kb.
Logstash is truncating the messages and I can't process complete.
It's possible to increase this limit?

beats {
port => 5045

That is my config


Actually LS do not truncate, your message has been truncated on FB side.
Go to the filebeat.yml, review params:

  • multiline.max_lines - The default is 500
  • max_bytes: The default is 10485760 bytes
  • max_message_size - depend on plugin
  • harvester_buffer_size - The default is 16384 bytes bytes

Check FB reference.

Thanks @Rios
I changed the max_lines params and I'm testing right now.