Logstash trying to reprocess the same files

I'm using File Input Plugin, and a multiline codec, and grok filters to process .txt files that exists in a folder in my Linux VM, those files are static, i don't make changes in it's content, i only add more files to this folder

But logstash tries to reprocess the content of the old files so many times, that is causing the version conflict problem

I don't know why logstash is trying to reindex the content of these files over and over again, because, like i said, i don't change anything in their content

All the files has different and unique names because all of them have the timestamp in their titles

I use action => "create" on my output, and the folder receive new files every 5 minutes

An unusual thing that i've noticed is that, on my sincedb file, all the files appears more than once, and also shows 2 or more different inodes for the same file

Someone has a clue on what could probably cause this problem? Logstash trying to re read unchanged files

What is your input code?

You should have something like this:

input {
    file {
        path => "/dir/*.log"
        start_position => beginning
        sincedb_path => ["/path/sincedb.db"]
        mode => "tail"

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