Logstash twitter plugin parses wrong user id

Hi, quick question regarding parsing tweets using logstash official plugin. I had a problem parsing tweets, that comes from account other than mine. As you see, using a online converter, I identified my real twitter ID:

@lucasgeras => 1408873307412312064

In the same time, my parser identifies my id as

[INFO ][logstash.inputs.twitter  ][main][twitter] Starting twitter tracking {:follow=>"1407435583350317071"}

Could you please tell me if there's any solution for this issue, like providing the userID itself, or maybe I'am doing something wrong? I attach the parser itself:

		id => "twitter"
		consumer_key => "censored"
		consumer_secret => "censored"
		oauth_token => "censored-censored"
		oauth_token_secret => "censored"
		follows => "lucasgeras"
		full_tweet => false
		ignore_retweets => false

Looking at the code, if given a number in @follows it uses it as the id, otherwise it does a lookup on it as a username.

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Fantastic. Works like a charm. Thank you very much.

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