Logstash UDP input keeps losing data

Hi there,

We encountered an issue that Logstash input UDP plugin consistently losing data.

From tcpdump analysis we know the data indeed reached the VM, I also tested with Logstash file output plugin and I saw the data is missing in the output file so I can pretty sure the UDP input does not ingest all of them from host machine network stack.

I wonder if the Logstash UDP input dropped packets, do you know where can I get information on that?

Anyone has similar issue can you please educate me where is the entrypoint to fix this issue? I tried to double the UDP queue_size and pipeline.batch.size, but not ideal.

Thanks for your help!

UDP is not a reliable transport. By design, it will drop messages if it does not have space to buffer them. I think your only options are to increase the queue size in the logstash input or increase the buffering in the TCP stack itself.

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Thanks @Badger , I will try that.

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