Logstash unable to decode Cisco protobuf

Hoping someone has configured logstash to receive Cisco telemetry before, I'm able to receive the events but can't decode the telemetry.

I'm getting the folowing error from logstash:

[2022-09-01T09:01:23,341][WARN ][logstash.codecs.protobuf ][main][5b26f792bafc7856fdecc497707a95dcde8f9f5de9e9b7e97681e3ebe3629795] Couldn't decode protobuf: #<RuntimeError: Protocol message contained an invalid tag (zero).>.

Protofile is sourced from Cisco: [bigmuddy-network-telemetry-proto/telemetry.proto at final · CiscoDevNet/bigmuddy-network-telemetry-proto · GitHub)
Specifically I'm using the telemetry.proto file which has been compiled with the google protoc binaries.

Logstash configuration file:
input {
tcp {
port => 5514
type => syslog
codec => protobuf
class_name => "telemetry.Telemetry"
class_file => '/bp2/data/telemetry_pb.rb'
protobuf_root_directory => "/bp2/data/"
protobuf_version => 3

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