Logstash unacceptable code point error


We had a period, when number of our Logstash scripts refused to run. The error reported in the log file was as follows:

Pipeline aborted due to error {:pipeline_id=>"xxxxx", :exception=>#<Psych::SyntaxError: (): 'reader' unacceptable code point ' ' (0x0) special characters are not allowed
in "'reader'", position 0 at line 0 column 0>

After investigation, we have found that the problem was caused by the corrupt file, specifically the file used to store last run date/time (specified in last_run_metadata_path parameter)

Due to server failure, this file got corrupted and therefore was not being loaded correctly

We are running logstash 6.4 on Windows servers

The problem is now fixed, so this is not a query. But I wanted to post the resolution here anyway, because there is very limited information on "unacceptable code point error" on this forum

Thank you

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