Logstash webhdfs example with Kerberos enabled hadoop cluster

configured the webhdfs_helper.rb that client.kerberos = true /client.kerberos_keytab="xxx" and installed the gssapi but still have such problem:
Webhdfs check request failed. (namenode:, Exception: undefined method read_uint32' for #<FFI::MemoryPointer address=0xd69f20 size=4>) {:level=>:error} The error reported is: undefined methodread_uint32' for #<FFI::MemoryPointer address=0xd69f20 size=4>

@wuka1have a look here for the fix: https://github.com/gpaggi/gssapi/commit/69b14cce1966fdae713d274ca19339237eca72b9

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