Logstash webhook when parsing is done

Hello community! I'm currently working on integration elastic stack with my custom application. I'm trying to find out if possible for logstash to create webook call when processing is done? The workload is:

File upload over custom app -> Filebeat grab uploaded file and send it to Logstash -> Logstash process data and send it to Elasticsearch.

Thanks in advance for any input!

Not possible, Logstash normally runs as a service or until it is stopped, it has no knowledge if it is done with processing or if it will receive anything else to process.

Depending on your data you may trick Logstash to call a webhook if it receives an specific message, but it also has some limitations, since Logstash process data in parallel you would need to configure it to use only one thread so it would process the messages sequentially.

This way you could add a line at the end of your file and when Logstash process this line you can configure it to use the http filter to call a webhook.

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