[Logstash] windows logstash plugins

Hello, I have some doubts regarding the latest versions of logstash.

I am trying to receive syslog events and have them be logged to a .log file
My current configuration is the following:

input {
   syslog {
      port => 1514

output {
   file {
      path => "C:\logstash\logs\logstash.log"
      codec => "line"

When i run logstash:
C:\logstash\bin\logstash.bat -f C:\logstash\config\logstash.conf

seems to work fine but the logstash.log file is not created.

My question is if it is necessary to install the plugins logstash-input-syslog and logstash-output-file or in the new versions it is no longer necessary
Also when I try to install them it gives me an error

What you are trying should not require any specific plugins.

Perhaps try this to reduce variables... also did you look at the logstash logs and make sure it could open the port/that the listener started? and are your syslog on tcp or udp? Is there a connectivity issue?

output {
  stdout {codec => rubydebug}

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