Logstash with elastisearch cloud

is it possible to give me some direction how to configure the logstash in the ES cloud?
I have logstash configurations in the current logstash (server side deployment) and I would like to move them to the ES cloud.

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Logstash is not available on Elastic Cloud sorry.

Ok- so I need to deploy in a server outside and push the output to the elastcsearch cloud?


is there any other way to process the logstream in the ElasticCloud?

You can look at Ingest nodes as an alternative - https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/7.6/ingest.html

In 2018, Logstash as part of ElasticSearch cloud was promised on this forum. It was also promised to me personally 'around 4th quarter of 2019'.

What is the status on this? Is it still in the works, or has this been dropped from the roadmap?

Things have changed since the 2018 comment, and at this stage we are not looking to add Logstash to the Elastic Cloud platform.

I can't comment on whomever gave you the latest advice, as I don't know who they spoke to.

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