Logstash with S3

I have configured filebeat + logstash + S3 logstash plugin.

Filebeat sends the configured log files to the logstash.
Logstash receives the files and, through the output, leaves them in the defined path.
The problem is that it does not raise it to S3, and in the log there is no call to S3.
To perform the upload to S3 we have a role with permissions to upload files to the bucket and it works correctly.

I attach the logstash configuration file:

input {

beats {
port => 5044


output {
s3 {
region => "eu-west-1"
bucket => "prueba"
prefix => "prueba_dev/app_"
time_file => "120"
size_file => "209715200"
tags => [ "prueba_app" ]

I moved your question to #logstash

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