Logstasth 7 cannot create geoip.location


I am parsing the haproxy logs and I would like to create geoip mapping on all the request IP addresses. I have added the following to the logstash configuration:

geoip {
  database => "/etc/logstash/GeoLite2-City.mmdb"
  cache_size => "1024"
  source => "[client][ip]"
  target => "geoip"

I see the geoip data in the kibana discover tab:

"geoip": {
  "country_code3": "US",
  "region_code": "NY",
  "latitude": 40.6301,
  "city_name": "Staten Island",
  "location": {
    "lat": 40.6301,
    "lon": -74.1607
  "longitude": -74.1607,
  "continent_code": "NA",
  "country_name": "United States",
  "dma_code": 501,
  "postal_code": "10303",
  "ip": "",
  "country_code2": "US",
  "timezone": "America/New_York",
  "region_name": "New York"

However I am not able to do geoip mapping using the map application or visualization

Any idea how to make this work?

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