Logstatsh Time Zone issue

Hi Team,
environment logstatsh and elastic server are running in IST System DataBase is in UTC time zone
I'm using JDBC logstatsh to push the information I'm seeing the date related all columns values are getting altered
Example: dob Column is having only date information but logstatsh adding time in the values and its adding -5.30 value in that DateTime
created date values in the database and values in the Elasticsearch is having -5.30 hours difference

DOB: DB Value 1994-06-22 value in Elasticsearch engine is 1994-06-22T18:30:00Z
CreatedDate :2022-02-15 07:55:27.463 value in Elasticsearch engine is 2022-02-15T02:14:41.140Z

The jdbc filter automatically transforms date/time columns in a database into LogStash::Timestamp objects, these include a time in UTC. So if the column just contains a date it will get offset according to the timezone.

Possible solutions here.

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