Logtstash kv

I converted my mysql field value to kv using kv filter...

field_split => "&?"
but when i saw the result....it was in key and value form only...but in string codes...means my line break to kv form but in showing string...

So I am not able to call individual key and value....bcz its again become string...

Is there is any solution...after break string to kv form ....it index in kv form only..not a string..

What does the event/field look like?

Actually I want to send json after logstash fetch data from mysql in this form...
"group" : "fans",
"user" : [
"first" : "John",
"last" : "Smith"
"first" : "Alice",
"last" : "White"

But logstash makes each field of the mysql in seperate key valye form...
and then sending to elasticsearch..
But before send to elasticsearch I want to make my data in the above code way...Is there any possible way...

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