Looking to build an integrated system


I need some advice, i want to build a system that will help me with the current setup we have here.
What we are using today is a shared folder containing many documents on various topics what i would like to do is index them so they will be searchable (they are .doc .docx so i don't think it's an issue) afterwards i would like to add Kibana to show statistics from the documents to a nice dashboard.
For other reasons like storage, security etc i would thinking integrating all of this into a WCM system like drupal or wordpress.

At the end all i want is order and an easy to use system to add new docs and a dashboard with statistics for starters while also being secured by an Auth System of sorts.

After that there is also phase 2 but for now it should be enough.

What do you think or suggest for my case, please share your thoughts.