Losgtash Ruby extract JSON Array Key Value

Hi Everyone,

i was looking last week for 2 days for this and i found a solution to my first use case, but i can't get it working for my second one :confused: also its the first time doing something with ruby, so maybe i missing something

its about the AWS SES log events for bounced emails, here is the snipped:

 "bounce": {
      "timestamp": "2020-07-09T10:06:09.000Z",
      "bouncedRecipients": [
          "action": "failed",
          "diagnosticCode": "smtp;550 5.1.10 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipientNotFound; Recipient test@test.com not found by SMTP address lookup",
          "status": "5.1.10",
          "emailAddress": "test@test.com"

so i want to get all 4 fields and move it to bounce instead of bounce.bouncedRecipients

my filter right now is not working, i was thinking that i can just output the key + value of each entry of the array, but i only getting "key" and no "value" from this filter:

ruby {
    code => "event.get('[bounce][bouncedRecipients]').each {|hash| event.set('[bounce][' + hash[key] + ']', hash[value]) }"

i was also trying to get a hash.each but...ahm yea, maybe i was reading and talking to much about ruby and can't see the obvious solution :confused:

Thanks in advance for reading and hopefully also helping :slight_smile:


The problem with your code is that it assumes that your entries in [bounce][bouncedRecipients] are structured like { "key": "action", "value" : "failed"}. But they aren't. They are just string values in a Hash.

ruby {
  code => "
    event.get('[bounce][bouncedRecipients]').each { |key, value|
      event.set('[bounce][' + key + ']', value)

Hi Jenni,

thanks for the help, now i getting a error in the logstash logs

Ruby exception occurred: no implicit conversion of Hash into String

already lookinf for it, but maybe you or someelse is faster :slight_smile:

thanks in advance

Sorry. I didn't see that bouncedRecipients is not a Hash, but an array with one entry. Your fields are in [bounce][bouncedRecipients][0].

awesome, it's working.

Thank you Jenni :slight_smile:


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