LS 5.2: how to set different java for logstash process, installed by system-install?


I am installing logstash from the tar. To install it as service I use the script $LS_HOME/bin/system-install

I changed the service name on $LS_HOME/config/startup.options, which works fine.
Additionally I would like to link to a dedicated java version.
So I changed the following parameter:

# Override Java location

The service is not starting, because there is currently no /usr/bin/java existing.
Ok, I could create a link there, then it works. But looks for me as if JAVA_CMD has no effect.

Also changing the pre running script in startup.options to

read -r -d '' PRESTART << EOM
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/elk/java/current_jre8_x64

did not help.

What exactly is the problem?

Thanks, Andreas

You might be running into, which is fixed in (which will not be released until 5.3).

Which OS are you using?

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