LSF excluding binaries or specific file types

(Kiran Tella) #1


I have a log file in my App server as below and LSF is shipping well.

We have a log archiving script which archives the old files with gz extension to /localhost_access_log.2015-10-14.log.gz

How do i make LSF not to read those binary files.
I couldn't get it working as per below blog.

"files": [
# An array of hashes. Each hash tells what paths to watch and
# what fields to annotate on events from those paths.
"paths": [ "/opt/jboss-eap/server/XXXXXX*/log/localhost_access_log*.log" ],
"fields": { "type": "accesslogs" }

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

If all your log files end with .log and are compressed to .log.gz then just specifying *.log as the filename pattern will exclude the compressed files. If you get other results please post (relevant snippets of) the LSF log file.

(system) #3